Sub-section 4: Peoples' Needs Edit

Q 12 Is there adequate local provision for all the types and levels of learning that are needed?

Look into whether different learning preferences are met or reflected in what is available.

Wide range of learning opportunities is available.

Q 13 Learning opportunities

a.Are people aware of learning opportunities either as individuals or as employees?

b.By what means have they become aware of the opportunities?

All learning opportunities are widely publicised and Learndirect offers course search service which covers the whole area. Learndirect is advertised regularly.

Q 14 To what extent do people have to travel elsewhere to match their skills and aspirations with appropriate employment?

(Worksheets T1; T2; T3 also refer to travel)

About 30% of employees in the area commute outside the area to work – London is easily accessible from the MAP area. This is about 10% higher than the UK average.

Q 16 How important is the voluntary sector in the town as a pathway to skills development?

(Worksheets S5 Q6; S6 Q5 also refer to the voluntary sector)

There is a limited voluntary sector – only 5 charities operate in the area and two of these are shops.

Q 17 What is the voluntary sector's track record as a training provider?

Not much local provision.

Q 18 Is transport an issue specifically in the context of accessing training/education?

No – all opportunities are accessible by public transport and car.

Q 19 Is Adult Education recognised locally as a pathway to future learning?

Kent Adult Education offer a wide range of courses and encourage continuing learning, however many learners taking courses are already well qualified

Q 20 Is childcare available and adequate to meet the needs of those attending courses?

(Worksheets S1 Q3; T2 Q2; T3 Q18,19 also refer to children and young people)

There is a wide range of childcare options available in the area

Q 21 Are there a significant number of childcare providers requiring local training?


Q 22 What links are being made locally between children and family learning programmes and the encouragement of further learning opportunities?

No specific links known

Sub-section 5: Provision & Mechanics Edit

Q 23 Training provision

Who provides training within the town?

Where does the training take place?

When does the training take place?

None within the town – locally at Kings Hill campus of University of Greenwich, Hadlow College, Maidstone campus of Mid Kent College and at West Kent College. Adult Education Centre in Tonbridge. All offer daytime and evening courses.

Q 24 What mechanisms are in place to link the main learning information, advice, and guidance advisors/providers?

Colleges and Adult Education are accredited Advice and Guidance centres. Connexions careers advice is available in Tonbridge and has good links with schools and colleges.